WAKE was created to help eliminate the destructive behavior and habits of age-old Nicotine by introducing the world to the new plant-based energy solution of the WAKE Pen. Our aim is to spark a movement that influences the lives of millennials across the globe by shifting the focus from dangerous and hazardous options like nicotine-based smoking to a different and healthier alternative: all-natural, plant-based energy solutions. 


We don’t just want to stop there. And we don’t plan on it either.


The Impact

Shortly after embarking on this lifelong mission, we started to realize the full potential that goes beyond just choosing a healthier alternative to smoke and vape. We want to complete reinvent the way young individuals are making choices and decisions to improve and boost overall health in every area in their life. We stand behind a vision that beholds a bright and promising vision for our current and future generations. 

Our vision and mission statement sounds great but it’s no good unless we directly take action to make that change a reality. So it begs the question, “How will WAKE bring change and influence the world?” WAKE knows nothing BIG can happen when we do things alone, so we decided that the company will actively partner with organizations that share similar values and ethical beliefs. 


CORE BELIEFS  - The 5 “I” Solution



WAKE knows that nicotine addiction can be a serious issue that many people have trouble overcoming. That’s why we are here to help. Any nicotine user trying to break their addiction must know: they are not alone in the process. With our support and full faith in the recovery process, we want to add as many people as possible to our wall of success stories. With each story, we are one step closer to helping another person eliminate their fear of doubt and worry. Each person helped will fuel the fire of inspiration to others in the future.  



Our company, WAKE, can be interpreted to mean many different things for many different people. But we would like to shine a light on an extremely common and prominent issue amongst millennials and future generations that affects them on a daily basis: mental health. In general, mental health issues have been known to be the killer of enthusiasm , ambition, and purpose to our youth that desperately needs it most. Too many individuals are feeling lost, unmotivated, and hopeless as if they were left stranded in the dark abyss of their own negative thoughts. WAKE is here to lead the way by radiating a ray of positivity in people’s hearts. We have an unwavering belief that our endeavors will guide people to the right path so they can start walking on a path to mental wellness through recovery. 



In accordance with our dedication to spreading positivity, we ultimately want to change the way people think for the better. We believe in the phrase “you get what you give” entirely and know if we can act as a constant source of positivity to others than eventually, it will create long-lasting impact on their lives. Not only do we want to provide better alternatives than using nicotine-based products, but we want people to make better decisions in every other area in life. A change in the way we think can lead to better decisions which will add up and become a better lifestyle. In the very end, that’s all we truly want. A better way of living for our customers. 



Because all of our ethical beliefs prioritize the health of our customers, we will always put them first. No. Matter. What. To ensure that all our customers can experience the most health improvements out of our products, we are actively seeking new and improved models, adjustments, and tweaks for further innovation. We also want every single customer to feel warm and welcomed when they interact with our brand so we are constantly striving to improve customer service.



Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of all time, says that one of the smartest investments anyone can make is an investment in themselves and we couldn't agree more as a company. We fully believe that continuous growth is an essential factor that leads to a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. Whether its an investment in our mind or our body, it'll be an investment that no one else can ever take away from us.


Other Ways You Can Help

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